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Online Payment

In order to better our services and for your convenience. We have a secured and convenient service for you to pay for your invoice online by simply using your credit card and e-check as form of payment.

To begin a online payment, please kindly follow the instructions below.

Both credit card and e-check online payment methods are for US Customers only.  If you have a foreign issued credit card, please stop and contact Unipac Shipping Accounting Department by calling(909) 594-2600 Ext 239 or Ext 109.   E-check can only be processed on US based bank accounts.  Overseas customers may also send payment via wire transfer.  Thank you.

(* are required fileds)
Payment for:* Demurrage   Ocean Freight   Other
Container No.:*
Reference Number:*  
(Please enter either HBL No., OI No. or File No. regarding this payment.)
Pay Amount:* USD$
(Additional 5% transaction charge will apply for Credit Card Payments)
If you have any question or problem regarding our online payment service, please contact our customer support at 909.594.2600 or e-mail us at support@unipacshipping.com.


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